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2014 Quad City Speedway Rules and Procedures

To print the forms above just right click them and save them to your computer. Once you have done that, open the image on your computer and you can print them from there. Please bring these forms with you. You can not race without them.



REGISTRATION: All drivers must pay a season registration fee of $40.00. Registration is only $30 before March 15th, 2014. Any car racing without registering will forfeit all points and prize money. Exception: Mod Lites and IMRA Midget Lites have $25 registration. Payment may be made to K & S Promotions, P.O. Box 121, Silvis, Illinois 61282.

The rules, regulations, and procedures set forth herein are designed to provide the orderly conduct of racing events and establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. Voluntary participation in such events is deemed as being willing to comply with rules and regulations set forth by Quad City Speedway Officials and Promoter. These rules and regulations are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport of auto racing, and are no way a guarantee against personal injury or death to a participant, spectator, track personnel, and race officials. The Competition Director and/or Promoter may be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications, or impose further restrictions, that in the official’s opinion do not alter minimum acceptable requirements. All rules and regulations set forth by Quad City Speedway for conduct and general operating procedures is left to the interpretation of the Promoter and designated Competition Director. Racing is a family sport, and should always be an enjoyable experience. Remember that we are representatives of our advertiser’s and sponsors and are here to provide entertainment for our fans. Even though most of the participants have a substantial financial investment in this sport, it still should be an enjoyable experience. There is no excuse for unruly behavior and poor sportsmanship in the presence of our fans.


1. All injuries must be reported immediately to an official, ambulance personnel, security officer, or the track promoter’s office. Failure to properly report any injury may result in delay of insurance coverage, or denial of claim. Ambulance personnel will not release any information to speedway personnel, so in order to expedite claims you must make sure the track office has been notified as to the nature of your injury.

2. Only service type ATV’s and golf carts will be allowed in pit area. No racing type

ATV’s, mini-bikes, or motorcycles will be allowed in pit area. Officials will determine if

ATV’s are of service assistance type. All service assist vehicles will be subject to a 5 mile per hour speed limit at all times in the pit area. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to operate any service vehicle in the pit area. Unsafe operation of any vehicle in pit area will result in immediate expulsion for the remainder of the program.

3. All vehicles and race cars must obey 5 mile per hour speed limit in pit area. Any person operating a vehicle of any kind in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the pit area.

4. Any race participant who operates their car in an unsafe manner on, or off the race track, under caution, or while returning to your pit area, will be disqualified, and will result in no points and no prize money being awarded, you will be fined, with the possibility of suspension or expulsion.

5. If you smell of alcohol you will not be allowed to enter the pits.

6. Pits must be vacated 45 minutes after last race.


1. You must adhere to the Safety Equipment Rules for your individual division.

2. Approved racing type seats only.

3. All cars except UMP Modifieds are required to have an approved racing window net and/or approved arm restraint devices. (This rule is to keep your head, arms, and body within the car, in the event of a roll-over accident or any other accident.)

4. All cars must have a 5 (five) point racing seat belt assembly, securely mounted. Seat belt assemblies must be a minimum of 3”, quick release design, with current code, and free of visible signs of wear.

5. All drivers are required to wear a complete approved fire resistant driver’s suit during competition. The suit must be without rips or tears.

6. All drivers are required to wear SHCA or SNELL full face racing helmet, with full face shield or racing goggles. (2008 or newer is strongly recommended).

7. Fire retardant racing gloves, shoes, hood, and neck covering are strongly recommended.

8. Engine shut-off switch must be mounted within easy reach of the driver and rescue personnel. (4 Cylinders take special notice of your divisions specifications)

9. No mirrors, 2-way radios or any communication devices allowed.

10. These rules are for your safety and the safety of everyone involved in racing.

11. All cars and safety equipment are subject to a safety inspection at anytime. Unsafe conditions will not be permitted to compete.


1. The driver is to be held responsible for his/her pit crew’s actions. Any altercations resulting from driver not controlling his pit personnel will result in disqualification for the night, and/or suspension from racing activities.

2. Fighting on Quad City Speedway property will not be tolerated. Violators will be suspended, and could face a fine or permanent expulsion from speedway property, with the possibility of arrest and prosecution. Anyone assaulting an official or any track personnel will be subject to immediate arrest, prosecution, and permanent suspension from Quad City Speedway property.

3. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in pit area is not allowed. Violators will be asked to leave the pit area immediately for the remainder of the evening events, and will get a 1 week suspension.

4. Controlled illegal substances of any kind are not allowed on Quad City Speedway property at any time. Quad City Speedway reserves the right to invite any law enforcement agency, including K-9 patrol to investigate suspected substance abuse, or possession. If caught and convicted, violators will face permanent expulsion from Quad City Speedway property.

5. All persons entering pit area must sign release sheet and possess the designated arm band for that event. Any person caught in the pit area without arm band will be considered trespassing and will be turned over to security for prosecution. No Spectators will be allowed into the pit area until after the final feature event concludes in its entirety.

6. Persons under the age of 18 must have parental consent forms signed and maybe asked for proof of age before being allowed admittance to pit area.

7. All drivers, in all divisions, must be at least 16 years of age to compete. Drivers under the age of 18 must have a parental consent form signed, and on file at speedway office before being allowed to compete. Birth certificate or driver’s license for participants under the age of 18 is mandatory. Any one knowingly allowing a person to violate the age restriction regulation, by allowing them to compete in any part of the race program, including hot laps, and track packing will be expelled from the pit area as officials deem necessary.

8. No dumping of tires in pit area, or on speedway property. No dumping of oil or any other fluids deemed as hazardous waste on speedway property. Violators will be subject to fines, and possible expulsion from pit area. Refuse containers are provided at strategic spots around pit area for garbage. Please make sure your pit stall is clean of trash at the end of the night. PLEASE DO NOT LITTER. FINES WILL BE GIVEN TO DRIVER OR CAR OWNER.

9. Quad City Speedway reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone at their sole discretion. Any time race officials determine that someone is causing disruptions in the program, they reserve the right to remove that person, or group from the speedway property.

10. There will be no personal vehicles in the pits at any time, including after the races are compete. Pits will close 45 minutes after last feature and the pits will be locked.


1. Drivers may drive different cars in different divisions. This pertains to Drivers only, not cars.

You must drive a car registered in that division, and each individual car can only be registered in one Division. It will be your responsibility to switch cars in a timely manner from one Division to another. (I.e. back to back heat races, semi’s, and features) We will try to work with you on this, but please understand, we may not have time. All drivers must pay entry fee, or pit pass for each division he plans on competing in. If a driver competes in more than one division, and has not paid for multiple pit passes, the fees will be deducted from the night’s earnings, or he may be disqualified for nonpayment in one division.

2. If a driver allows someone else to compete in his place without notifying the scoring officials, and making sure the proper fees have been paid, all money and points for that event will be forfeited. The draw will conclude at 5:00 p.m. sharp, unless posted at pit sign in area if different time. Line-ups will be made after that time. All cars arriving after the conclusion of draw will be lined up to the rear of the heats already posted. NO EXCEPTIONS. If driver is going to be late the car owner, pit crew member or official, may draw for his position.

A. Failure to report to staging area in a timely manor will result in loss of your starting position for that event, and you will be required to start at the rear of that race.

B. Refusal to report to staging area because you are starting to the rear anyway may result in disqualification from that event.

C. All cars, in all divisions, must participate in a qualifying race to be eligible to participate in the feature event. (If there is not a full-field of cars for the feature and your car becomes disabled before you can participate in a qualifying race, you may notify the officials that you are making repairs to your car, the officials may choose to make exception to this rule).


There will be a Driver’s Meeting held each night (subject to time and if necessary) before the beginning of the Race Program, where announcements or change in the program, running order, rules, or general information could be made. Therefore, it is of great importance (mandatory) that the Drivers attend this meeting.

1. RACEceivers are mandatory for the IMCA Late Models, IMCA Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod Lites, & IMRA Midget Lites. It is not mandatory in 2014 for the 4-Cylinders.

2. All races will be started at the exit of turn four. An orange cone will be placed in a visible location and all race starts will be at this designated spot.

3. All race restarts that are necessary after the initial green flag lap will be conducted at the designated starting cone, or line and the race is considered underway as soon as the leader receives the green.

4. Anyone jumping the start will be given one warning. If they jump the start a second time they will be sent to the rear of that event. If they jump the start a third time they will be directed to leave the racing area.

5. Any one initiating a false start for the sole purpose of stacking the rest of the field up behind them, and gaining an unfair advantage on the start, or restart will be sent to the rear of that event.

6. Restarts, for heats 2nd place car will have option to start inside or outside of row behind first place car.

7. After the completion of one lap and it has been necessary to have 5 (five) restarts in the feature event, all restarts will be single file. Except Late Models. They will always line up 2 abreast.

8. Restarts after the halfway point in the feature events will be single file. Except LM.

9. Quad City Speedway reserves the right to institute a 10 minute time limit on any heat, semi feature event. Feature events will be given time limits if deemed necessary.

Participants will be warned of the time limit, and race will be checker flagged at the end of the said time limit.

10. Lapped cars will go to rear if 10 laps and less are remaining in the feature.

11. Any driver causing 2 yellow flag cautions due to unassisted spin outs will not be allowed to remain in that event, and will be sent to the pit area.

12. If any driver stops on the track unnecessarily to facilitate a restart he/she will be sent to the pit area.

13. If any driver spins to the infield area, out of harms way, and then pulls back onto racing surface and stops to facilitate a yellow flag, he/she will be sent to the pit area.

14. All cars involved, (making contact), in any incident causing a yellow flag condition, will be sent to the rear of the field for the restart.

15. If in the officials opinion a car spun, or stopped to avoid contact, and was not part of the yellow flag situation, that car will be restarted in the position that they were running.

16. Rough driving and un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. If it is deemed that you purposely try to eliminate someone from the race or purposely cause a yellow flag situation, you will be sent to the rear of the field or sent to the pits.

17. In a heat race, if you leave the track, and go to pit area for any reason, you will not be permitted to return to the race.

18. In a semi-feature or feature race, you will be permitted to change a tire. You will be given 2 (two) yellow flag laps to do so. You will re-enter the race to the rear of the field.

19. Cars damaged in incidents causing yellow or red flag situations must be inspected by the race officials before being allowed to rejoin the lineup. Officials and track personnel will pull loose sheet metal, plastic pieces, brackets, and bend articles away from tire rubs, if they are able to do so in a timely manor, and without causing possible injury to themselves. If repairs can be made by track personnel, cars will rejoin lineup as scoring dictates. In the semi-feature and feature events, if repairs are severe enough that cars have to be sent to pit area to be repaired, they will automatically be sent to the rear of the lineup, upon re-entry into the racing area. Once a car has entered the pit repair area, repairs must be completed before race has restarted, or they will not be allowed to rejoin lineup once the restart lap has been completed.

20. Pit crews will not be allowed on track to perform any type of repairs. If a crew member touches a car in any way, it will be considered a pit area repair, and the car will be sent to the rear of the lineup. If such action takes place in a qualifying heat race, the car will be sent to the pit area, and can no longer compete in that qualifying race.

21. On a yellow flag situation, all cars will immediately slow to a safe speed. And continue to drive around track unless instructed otherwise until lineup personnel receive lineup instructions from scoring. The cars will then be given 2 laps to line up in the order assigned by lineup personnel. If this cannot be achieved in a timely manor, cars will be stopped on the front stretch and lined up properly. Drivers refusing to rejoin the field in the position assigned by lineup personnel will be sent to the rear, or be asked to leave the racing area. Scoring has final say in restart positions.

22. On a red flag situation, you are directed to stop as soon as safety permits. Officials will then direct you to the designated lineup spot, and race will be restarted as soon as red flag situation has been resolved.

23. The lay-over flag (blue with yellow diagonal stripe) is displayed if you are being overtaken by the race leaders. At this time you are expected to display courtesy and good sportsmanship, and allow the leaders to pass without impeding their progress you are to hold your position and allow them to pass.

24. Any car that exit’s the race, and sits in the infield for 2 or more laps, will not be allowed to rejoin the race.

25. The black flag signifies you have developed a problem with your race car that you may not be aware of. We as officials will try to warn you of impeding danger by displaying the black flag. If you choose to ignore or disobey the black flag, after 2 laps the yellow will be displayed and you will be asked to leave the track. Any race official may order a car black flagged, and removed from the race, if in their opinion it is unsafe or not capable of running competitively, to the point of race interference.

26. The cars that are required to weigh will be directed to the tech area following each event. They must go directly to the scale area. Cars not reporting immediately to scale area will be disqualified from that event. If your car does pass inspection, you will be disqualified from that event.

27. No crew personnel allowed in the tech/scale area.

28. If you have been disqualified from the program for any reason, no money will be paid to you and no points will be awarded to you for that event.

29. During any caution situation, drivers are required to remain in their cars, unless directed to exit by official. Exception to this is if driver feels safety is a factor, then he/she may exit vehicle as soon as safety allows. Failure to observe these guidelines could result in disqualification.

30. If your car has been damaged during a race to the point of needing wrecker assistance, the Driver must remain with the car until it can be towed to their respective pit area. If the driver abandons or leaves his car unattended, it will be towed to the infield, and will remain there until after the racing program concludes for the evening, or until time allows.

31. It is recommended that all cars have a cable, chain, or some type of lifting bracket to enable wrecker crew’s access to tow.


33. Pit gate entrance must remain clear of all persons and equipment during a racing event. Emergency personnel must have an unobstructed view, and access at all time.

Failure to stay out of the area will result in expulsion from pit area.

34. No driver, owner or crew member will enter another pit area with the intent to cause a fight, physically or verbally.

35. The Officials and Scorers will be in the infield for 15 minutes for any questions or concerns of a driver or car owner. Only the driver/car owner will be allowed to address the officials at this time. No one is allowed to argue calls with Track Officials while a race is in progress. Calls will be made at the best of the Official’s abilities, and calls will not be changed. Abusive or improper language by anyone will not be tolerated. Any type of physical assault towards anyone may result in arrest by the Police. No fighting

/unsportsmanlike conduct / verbal abuse, or unprofessional displays will not be tolerated.

Fines and/or suspension will be levied in necessary to any situation.

36. Checks must be picked up by car owner or driver and will be available within 30 minutes after tech inspection has completed and approved each class. No checks will be mailed.

37. Fines and suspensions are at the discretion of race officials.

38. Any driver that leaves the drivers compartment of his car, while on the track to argue with other drivers or officials will be disqualified.

39. Pit crew and car owners are not allowed on the track or in tech area and failure to comply will result in the same officials.

40. All race cars may be inspected at any time. Drivers, crew members and car owners will give full cooperation to race officials.

41. If a driver is forced to scratch from the Feature race, you must report to the Pit Officials. Alternate starters may be used.

42. Any driver who gets out of their car during a yellow caution period is finished for the race. Track officials or safety crew members can advise Drivers of any damage to their cars, but can not work on the cars.

43. If necessary all cars will assist in packing the track as needed. All cars failing to pack at least 12 laps will start at the rear of their hear. Race cars must not exceed 98 decibels.

44. Top four (4) (or as directed) finishing cars must report to the inspection area.


Quad City Speedway Promoter, Rock Island County Fair Assn. Or Competition

Director, Track Officials, Scoring Officials, and Support Staff vow to try and provide a friendly, fair, safe, and enjoyable racing experience for fans and competitors. These rules and policy procedures were put together as an informative guide for our participants and their fans. All rules and procedures described herein are subject to final interpretation by speedway officials only or the Competition Director. This document is meant to be a guideline for participants and officials to abide by. Every situation may not be covered herein and some situations may require a different solution than described by this document. Some decisions will be unpopular and some mistakes will be made.

Everyone sees an incident from a different vantage point, and everyone has a different opinion of what actually happened. Our goal is to conduct ourselves in a respectful manner and provide equal and fair enforcement of our rules and regulations. QCS reserves the right to modify this document in any way deemed necessary, to address any situation that warrants our attention, and to maintain safety and equality for all the participants and fans. Thank you for your continued support, and may your experience at Quad City Speedway be safe and enjoyable for all.


IMCA Late Model and IMCA Modified rules can be found at



SAFETY: Required helmets must be Snell SA2000, SFI 31.1/2005 or newer. Must have helmet shield or goggles. Helmets must be worn at all times including packing. No passengers allowed during packing. SFI approved full fire suits, fire retardant neck braces and gloves are required. Fire retardant shoes highly recommended. Roll bars must be padded around driver. If in driver compartment, battery must be in enclosed box and securely mounted. 16×20 driver side ribbon or mesh type window net or arm restraints required. Window net to be mounted so latch is at the top front of the window. Five point safety harness required and must be securely mounted to roll cage using ½” diameter bolts. Aluminum racing seats only and must be securely fastened to roll cage. Kill switch to be mounted within easy reach of driver and clearly marked “on/off”. Must have an additional master shut off switch mounted BEHIND driver seat on horizontal surface (floor is not acceptable), clearly marked “on/off”, and be easily accessible from outside the car.

TECH AREA: Cars required to bring service manual(s) to the track. Leaving tech area without Tech or other Track Officials approval will result in a disqualification.

CAR AND BODY: 4 cylinder front wheel drive cars only. Must be neat appearing. Maximum wheelbase 107” with no more than 1” difference side to side. All glass and trim must be removed. Must have stock bumpers or stock appearing bumper covers. You will not be allowed to compete without front and/or rear bumper. Stock dash should be removed. Interior must be gutted. Stock floor pan must remain. Driver seat must be in confines of original location. No interior tinning. No mirrors allowed. All window openings must remain uncovered. Clear lexan in quarter windows allowed. No body skirting allowed below body lines and must be securely attached top and bottom. Maximum 7” visor may be added to top of windshield opening. Minimum 12” vertical window opening on left and right sides. Fuel tank must have shield on underside, fuel cell highly recommended. Firewall required between driver and fuel cell if used. If fuel cell does not have aircraft style positive seal filler neck/cap system – a flapper, spring or ball type filler rollover valve is required. Must have doors chained or welded shut. Must have 3/8” diameter or larger cable hooks installed on both the front and rear. No bars or rub rails allowed outside of body. Minimum 24” tall numbers on both sides of car. Must have minimum 6” tall car number visible from front of car.

ROLL CAGE: All cars must have minimum 4 point roll cage. Material must not be less than

1.625” O.D. tubing and must have a wall thickness of .095”. Low carbon, mild steel tubing is recommended. Other materials are subject to prior approval. No iron pipe or square tubing allowed. No brazing or soldering allowed. Must be electric welded and well constructed. Cage must be safely mounted, example: four ¼” plates and mounted to the floor with four ½” bolts per plate. Must have minimum of four windshield bars in front of driver.

DRIVER DOOR BARS: Must be as parallel with the ground as possible and located perpendicular to the driver so as to provide maximum protection for driver without causing undue difficulty in getting into or out of vehicle. Material must not be less than 1.5” O.D. tubing and must have a wall thickness of .095”. Three horizontal door bars on both sides are mandatory and must be welded to the front and rear roll cage members. Minimum of four uprights tied from frame to top door bar on driver side, three on passenger side. Driver side door plate constructed of 18 gauge or 0.049 inch minimum thickness steel highly recommended.

TIRES, WHEELS & SUSPENSION: Car must only run 13, 14, 15, 16 inch size tire/wheel and must be the same left to right. May run different size front to rear. Must be OEM steel or aluminum wheels with maximum 7” width with minimum 1¢ lug nuts. Maximum tire width of 215 (example: P215/70R16). No N, Q, R, V, W, Y, or Z speed rated tires allowed. No mud and snow tires allowed. No softening of tires allowed. No siping, grooving or grinding of tires allowed. Tire size must be CLEARLY marked so it can be easily found and read. Brace allowed between strut towers, front and rear. Re-enforcing of right rear hub allowed. No bead-locks or mudplugs allowed. No aftermarket suspension parts allowed.

ENGINE: Engine must be OEM in make/model of car. No modifications allowed. No turbo, super charged or rotary engines. Maximum 225 lbs compression. No performance enhancing parts allowed except for exhaust header. All parts must meet OEM specs for make/model/ year. Aftermarket air filter allowed but with no air funneling devices. Exhaust must extend past the driver and point towards the ground. Must have metal firewall between driver and fuel tank/cell. Any over flow tubes must be directed to the ground, inside frame rails.

FUEL: Maximum 93 octane gas only. No alcohol or additives of any kind.

BRAKES: All 4 wheels must be stock hydraulic type with no adjusting type mechanism in the driver compartment.

DRIVETRAIN: No locked, limited slip or welded differentials allowed.

WEIGHTS: Must be bolted on and painted white with car number clearly marked.

Any rule, covered or not covered, will be interpreted by track officials. Officials’ decisions on scoring and rules are final. Promoter retains the right to change and/or interpret the rules in the interest of better competition or safety.